Using a tape recorder to write a novel

The same rule applies to writing. Writing on the pages may have seemed so easy. But while the inspiration waned so did the speed of your production. If you have encountered this problem when it seems impossible to fill your novel, you must know the importance of learning how to write a novel quickly.

Using a tape recorder to write a novel

Comments 12 12 Comments I did not have a tape recorder until after i completed my first assignment.

using a tape recorder to write a novel

I realized that as a journalist, to get sufficient quotes and all the information you are expected to record, you really need a tape recorder. The day after my first assignment without a tape recorder i bought a tape recorder so i would have one for the next assignment and all after that.

I know now how vital a recorder is for journalists and anyone who is trying to gather quotes that are full and in the right context. Having a recorder next time will really help me develop my story better and get more quotes that are longer.

A recorder will also help me review the speech before i start writing about it if i had forgotten anything that was said of happened. Comment by Breanna Blanton — February 28, 1: Starting with advantages, using a tape recorder ensures that you have everything said at the lecture or meeting.

It also allows it to be easier for yourself because you do not have to keep everything stored in your memory since you have a tape recorder, but there are some disadvantages too. Some disadvantages could be making sure there is enough space on your tape that allows you to grasp the entire lecture.

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It is also difficult to rewind and fast forward because you do not know exactly where the main idea that you are looking for was stated or where you can find it with out scrolling through the tape recorder. So there are plus and minuses to having a tape recorder. Me, I prefer notes because I know what I have written and where I have placed the information due to what was most important Comment by Rachelle Sylva — March 1, 4: I really wish I would have for multiple reasons.

The first being that I took notes the whole time on everything and always the feeling that I kept missing bits and pieces of the lecture.

It would have been helpful to have the whole thing recording and not have to worry about taking notes so I could really pay attention to what the speaker was talking about.

Also there was a time when I was writing that I was not sure about a fact and my notes were not very clear so it would have been really helpful to be a able to just re-listen to the part of the lecture that I need to hear. Using a tape recorder is also a great way to make sure all of the facts are straight because it is coming from the horses mouth directly.

Also when doing interviews using a tape recorder would be nice because then you can use direct quotes from the person and also so you know what questions you asked them. However there is always a risk a person takes by depending on technology for their work.

When using a tape recorder there is the chance that you could run out of tape and not realize it or just think you are recording when maybe you really are not. There is always the chance of technical difficulty.

Also when using a tape recorder it may be more time consuming which could serve as a problem if you are on dead line. It may take longer to find the exact part you want to listen too.

I think the most effective way is to use a tape recorder but also take notes Comment by Olivia Angeloff — March 1, 6: I found some major disadvantages witht his misfortune.

The particular event that I covered consisted of a professor reading from a personal paper that he had written. Of course, this reading was quick and fluent, making it extra difficult to get notes on all of the key points of his presentation.

Another disadvantage was not knowing if I had recorded the quotes exactly as he had said them. This caused me some stress in writing my story on it.

I can really only think of one particular advantage in not having a tape recorder for my first piece. This advantage would be that I think it made me pay closer attention and not let my mind wonder of.

I had to be particularly apparent in able to get all of the notes that I needed to write my piece. Comment by Emily Corum — March 2, 2: I found this to be a disadvantage for many reasons. I had to quickly scribble notes to make sure I had all the information which in turn made it hard to read later on.

It also made it hard to get really accurate quotes. It also was hard to get all the information down accurately. Some disadvantages of a tape recorder would be a heavy reliance on technology.

If you rely too much on technology that could come back around to hurt you as a journalist. Also you have to make sure the recorder is always rewound and not at the end of the tape. You also have to make sure that a tape is in the recorder. Overall there are some positives and negatives to using a tape recorder.

To get the best information a combination of taking notes and using a recorder is the best way to go about covering a story Comment by Nick Persin — March 2, 4:Take inventory of items by voice by speaking into a handheld tape recorder and later transcribe the list on a computer's word document.

Rather than cart around a pad of paper and pen, speak everything you want inventoried into the recorder along with any notations. Jan 02,  · With my recorder, I can record ideas or scenes for my latest work in progress during these times when a computer or notepad aren’t nearby.

Since my hands will be busy in many of these cases, I plan to use a strap to attach the recorder to my arm like runners do with their music players.

Writing pads were a common tool in the past but now many writers prefer using tape recorders or digital recorders. Many voice recorders are small enough to be worn around making them ideal to use.

using a tape recorder to write a novel

Some of them are even smaller than a cell phone or MP3 player. 11 thoughts on “ Digital Voice Recorder Recommendations ” Sean Chercover July 14, at pm.

I’ve been using the Olympus WSM for a while and I love it. Good sensitivity, stereo recording, small size, plenty of memory, nice USB connector (and it can double as a flash drive if you find yourself somewhere without one).

Use a service like where you can do the recording direct over the internet. They then return a typed file for you to edit.

Speech to text software. Many moved on to tape recorders and are now using digital recorders. Digital recorders come with their own memory requiring no cassettes tapes or external memory thus making them easy to use. How to Write a Novel Fast - Using a Digital Recorder to Record Ideas.

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