The theme of past regret and missed opportunity in christina rossettis poems

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The theme of past regret and missed opportunity in christina rossettis poems

On the way, the selection has missed significant poets such as Matthew Arnold and GM Hopkins, and does not look forward to the end of the century by covering early Yeats, Kipling or AE Housman. One can only assume that the selection is based on the need to find links between the poets for the purpose of exam questions!

To give you a more comprehensive view of the complete sweep of the poetry of the Victorians, do read "Dover Beach" by Matthew Arnold, which contemplates a world without Faith, and "The Windhover" by Gerard Manley Hopkins, one of the greatest poems ever written.

Leaving GMH out of this selection is, frankly, unforgivable. But he writes about Christ and God - and in this secular, yet multicultural, world perhaps they thought he was too scary to tackle!

He is also hard to compare with other poets, as he is simply unique.

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Hardy is probably better known for his novels than for his poetry. His novels - particularly "Tess of the D'Ubervilles" and "Jude the Obscure" - are acknowledged as some of the best novels of the era, challenging Victorian bourgeois values, exploring the plight of women, Victorian sexual hypocrisy, and the effects of the Industrial Revolution on the rural poor.

However, they were considered shocking for their sensationalism - they feature rape, murder and suicide - and received much hostile criticism. In response, he returned to writing poetry.

Christina Rossetti - Poet | Academy of American Poets Nay, my tryst is kept; The longest day slipped by you while you slept.

I would describe his poetry as "highly variable". It is strongly suggested that the poem "At an Inn" is based on the relationship between Florence Henniker and Hardy and a visit to the George Hotel in Winchester. Hardy first met Florence inwhen his marriage was in trouble, and he appears to have fallen in love with her.

However, there is no suggestion that they had a sexual relationship; she was married to an army officer and rejected Hardy's advances. They corresponded for 30 years, until her death inand even wrote a short story together.

He described her in his letters as "One rare, fair woman".


The visit that is the subject of the poem took place later in the year of their first meeting - - although it was not published until in an anthology called "Wessex Poems". The date of writing is not known. The poem tells of a misunderstanding, Hardy's thoughts of what might have been and, to him, lost opportunities.

It is infused with regret. It is written in regular, alternating iambic trimetre and iambic dimetre lines with a regular rhyming pattern of ababcdcd. This gives it a conversational feel — as if he is recounting a story known to them both and that it is light-hearted and reminiscent.

However, the manipulation of the accented beats on particular words reveals the deep feelings running below the surface.So now, behold this little Republic of Letters, father and mother and four children: Maria, Christina, Dante Gabriel and William Michael.

The father was a poet, musician and teacher.

The theme of past regret and missed opportunity in christina rossettis poems

The mother was a housekeeper, adviser and critic, and supplied the necessary ballast of commonsense, without which the domestic dory would surely have turned turtle. One of the writers of the poems Christina Rossetti was very famous for her poems and the role as an early feminist she was born on 5th December and died on 29th December at the age of Her poems were famous for the way she spoke about unrequited love to earthly love she was a devout (seriously religious) member of the Church of England who never married.

The Theme of Past Regret and Missed Opportunity in Christina Rossetti's Poems. Later in life, Christina Rossetti achieved widespread recognition for her writing; by the time of her death in she was established as one of the most original voices of her century.

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Rossetti, Christina 1830–1894

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