The same excitement of going on vacation at salisbury beach

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The same excitement of going on vacation at salisbury beach

So far nothing seems to have come of any of these but two developments this week once more offer that possibility. First the owner of the original Finnish Futuro moulds has offered them for sale, and failing a sale, is offering to manufacture new Futuro Houses using those original moulds.

On the US front there is a serious project just getting started aiming to "reverse engineer" the Futuro House to produce new moulds from which Futuro Houses could be manufactured.

One of the things that makes the world the fascinating place is its diversity; we all hold different opinions and have different beliefs.

Why did this block occur?

I am, and always have been, in two minds about the idea of Futuro's being manufactured again. I love the Futuro and its history and my pursuit of that history is clearly a passion of mine; these web pages speak to that being the case.

That said I am not sure a "new" Futuro holds the same interest for me.

The same excitement of going on vacation at salisbury beach

In a way it is akin to the classic car enthusiast who cannot The same excitement of going on vacation at salisbury beach an original model and so builds a new one. For collectors the wish is always for things to be "all original" and that is kind of how I feel about Futuro.

I passionately want to own a Futuro [probably will never have the money but there is nothing wrong with a dream or two] but what I want is an original. Perhaps a "new" unit manufactured using original moulds would satisfy me - perhaps - and I am almost certain that a totally new one would not be for me even if I could afford it.

Time will tell; who knows what decision I would reach on the day an affordable [for me] Futuro House, "new" or original, was placed in front of me. In the meantime check out these two interesting developments in the world of "Futuro" and the possibility of "new" Futuros being manufactured.

Notwithstanding my own uncertainty about the manufacturing of "new" Futuro Houses I wish everyone the best in their endeavors. In part the release [according to Google Translate] reads: The original stands in front of the main Vlotho factory of the international component manufacturer for modern pipeline construction and shows the way.

Diagnostic information: Kids loved the salt, sun and surf. Plenty for kids to do.
Discover our world By Scott Shurtleff, Correspondent Posted:

The Vlotho Futuro was of course later moved to Witten and then to Munich. Original information Not too long ago a Kickstarter Project by Susan O'Hara aimed at getting "new" Futuros into production unfortunately failed to meet its funding goals. Kickstarter is a "crowd funding" website where users can create projects and seek "pledges" of funding to allow those projects to proceed.

Kickstarter is "all or nothing" in terms of its funding. Those who wish to do so "pledge" to the project. If by the "due date" the funding goals of the project are reached all "pledges" are "called in" and the project moves forward.

If on the other hand the funding goals are not fully met "pledges" are not "called in" and the project, at least as far as Kickstarter is concerned, does not proceed. Simon Balmford has just created a Kickstarter project titled simply "Futuro House".

The pledges being sought are actually "deposits" on Futuros that would be manufactured. Costs do not include delivery. There are also a couple of "unique" options, each will be available as a single unit and will not be manufactured after the initial launch.

You can access Simon's project on Kickstarter here. For me the costs are prohibitive and I am not sure I would personally have the same excitement at owning a "new" Futuro House as I would at achieving a "dream" and owning an original unit but that is just me.

I wish Simon success with his project. Nothing in this article should be taken as encouraging pledges or making any guarantees as to the success of the project.

Update My congratulations to Susan; the "Kickstarter" project has been approved and is now active. You can access the "Kickstarter" project here. In the video above, which can also be found on the " Kickstarter " project page, Susan clearly explains the goals of the project and the "incentives" available at various pledge levels.

It seems that I am still finding myself somewhat conflicted about the project; torn between a wish to get involved and a feeling that this is a reproduction and not, for me, the same thing as the original. Of course the intention is not that it be the same as the original; it is the "new" Futuro House and I do seem to be finally coming around to recognizing that - we shall see.

In the meantime the widget above will provide the updated status on the project and its journey towards its goal [and likely continually encourage me to pledge]. Check back here or check back on the " kickstarter " project page to see how things are going and, if you are so inclined, now would be the time to make a pledge.

Susan is now turning her formidable array of skills to a project aimed at "reverse engineering" the Futuro House and then manufacturing "new" Futuro Houses. Funding for the project is being sought through "Kickstarter", a kind of "crowd funding" platform for serious and well planned creative business projects.

Those who pledge are not actually charged until the project reaches full funding. Susan is planning on offering incentives to those who pledge at various levels. The "Kickstarter" campaign is currently in "draft" status and being reviewed but you can access that draft here.

Additionally Susan is using " Elance " to seek architects for the project [the link appears to require a login]. Check it out and if it interests you why not pledge?Jun 25,  · New and improved Salisbury Center with a new boardwalk, tables seating and the kick-off to summer with the Bands on the Beach countryfest.

Great night. Crowded but very family oriented. Everything seemed improved over prior years.

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Night ended with the first of the summer Saturday night fireworks at /4. Military and Civilian Employee's that were assigned to, or came thru Tan Son Nhut, Air Base, Republic of Vietnam - * St Louis, Missouri is the destination city for the Reunion.

Byers, a beach cottage owner since , said he “would just like something to happen” at Salisbury Beach. “We have one of the nicest beaches north of Boston and the place has been rundown for going on 30 years,” he said. Create Your Vacation. Some Hot Deal Packages must be booked by phone Vacationers looking to add a dash of excitement to their holiday might consider booking a hotel with access to a casino.

Novice and experienced players alike can enjoy an evening in the lively ambiance of a casino, where visitors will find a variety of games of . Vacation Essay Examples. 41 total results. My Family Ski Trip. words. 1 page.

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