The colonial government under the reign of king leopold ii

See Article History Alternative Titles: Keen on establishing Belgium as an imperial power, he led the first European efforts to develop the Congo River basin, making possible the formation in of the Congo Free Stateannexed in as the Belgian Congo and now the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Although he played a significant role in the development of the modern Belgian state, he was also responsible for widespread atrocities committed under his rule against his colonial subjects.

The colonial government under the reign of king leopold ii

Do you know who it is? But you should have. When you see his face or hear his name you should get as sick in your stomach as when you read about Mussolini or Hitler or see one of their pictures.

You see, he killed over 10 million people in the Congo. After several failed colonial attempts in Asia and Africa, he settled on the Congo. He used their enslaved labor to extract Congolese resources and services. His reign was enforced through work camps, body mutilations, torture, executions, and his own private army.

But like most political authors, we will often read some of their least political writings or read them without learning why the author wrote them in the first place.

The colonial government under the reign of king leopold ii

But Orwell was an anti-capitalist revolutionary of a different kind—a supporter of working class democracy from below—and that is never pointed out. Reading lists are created by boards of education in order to prepare students to follow orders and endure boredom.

From the point of view of the Department of Education, Africans have no history. When we learn about Africa, we learn about a caricatured Egypt, about the HIV epidemic but never its causesabout the surface level effects of the slave trade, and maybe about South African Apartheid the effects of which, we are taught, are now long, long over.

We also see lots of pictures of starving children on Christian Ministry commercials, we see safaris on animal shows, and we see pictures of deserts in films and movies.

Nor do we learn about what the United States has done in Iraq and Afghanistan, killing millions of people through bombs, sanctions, disease, and starvation. Body counts are important.

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Stories which support the white supremacist narrative about the subhumanness of people in Africa are allowed to enter the records of history. Leopold was just one of thousands of things that helped construct white supremacy as both an ideological narrative and material reality.

He had generals, and foot soldiers, and managers who did his bidding and enforced his laws. He was at the head of a system.

The victims of imperialism are made, like they usually are, invisible. Please visit again soon! The moral rights of the author have been asserted.In fact, Hochschild suggests, "Heart of Darkness" stands as a remarkably "precise and detailed" portrait of King Leopold's Congo in , just as one of history's most heinous acts of mass killing was getting under way.

King Leopold II of Belgium created an image for himself as a fine fellow, a humanitarian, a solid citizen of the world.

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In fact he was a monster, terrorizing and pillaging . History Connections between Belgium and the Philippines can be traced back in the Colonial era during the reign of Leopold II of Belgium.

Leopold II who just ascended the Belgian throne in lobbied Queen Isabella II of Spain to cede the Philippines, Spain's sole colony in the Far East, to Belgium in his search to acquire a colony for his. reign of King Leopold II and which he made great efforts to completely eradicate). Mr Elikia M’Bokolo, one of the experts who contributed to the The Belgian government admits that individual abuses took place in Congo, but which will portray an independent and realistic picture of Congo under colonial rule.

IV. Other facts a. It is. The Leopold II Tunnel (named after the Belgian king Leopold II) is a highway tunnel in Brussels under the Leopold II-avenue, situated west of the city centre. It connects the Rogier Tunnel and the Small Ring around Brussels (R20) with the Basiliek Tunnel and the A10 (part of the E40).

The author does a truly great job summarizing, explaining and describing the crimes committed by King Leopold II and his supporters, both European and African, during his reign over the Belgian Congo from the late s and the early s.

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