Reaction paper on a field trip in baguio

History[ edit ] In the late pre-contact period, the Huron -Wendat people populated what is today Vaughan. The Skandatut ancestral Wendat village overlooked the east branch of the Humber River Pinevalley Drive and was once home to approximately Huron in the sixteenth century. However, it was not until the townships were created in that Vaughan began to see European settlements, as it was considered to be extremely remote and the lack of roads through the region made travel difficult.

Reaction paper on a field trip in baguio

Well, the temperature here seldom exceeds 26 degree centigrade. During the cold season of December to February, the temperature falls down to even below 10 degree centigrade. The record low temperature was 6. How to Travel to Baguio City?

Going to this cold city in the mountainous province of Benguet, Philippines is a six to seven hours travel by passenger utility bus from Manila.

Reaction paper on a field trip in baguio

Baguio is about kilometers from Manila and the city is approximately 1, meters above sea level. With respect to the total international visitors of the Philippines, the foreign visitors of Baguio City accounts for 0.

That is 28, out of 4, foreign visitors. We were young then and the experience of walking in Burnham Park at around eight in the evening is not only full of romance for the two of us. It is also experiencing the coldness of the environment we had almost never experienced before.

Baguio City changes a lot in that short span of seven years. Perhaps, government statistics alone will tell that the population of Baguio had dramatically increased since My personal experience and observation of Baguio City is the story that I want to share on this blog.

The reasons behind this will be the content of my short travel story here in Baguio City. The morning dew and the cold breeze welcome us nicely as we walk together with our backpacks. People are on their jackets and there are early joggers whose body are almost fully covered with their jogging outfit.

The tall pine trees are everywhere, on every corner of the streets, and the roads are just heading either downhill or uphill. Rarely you can see completely flat roads of more than a hundred meter in this city. We drop by first on the hotel which I booked in through Agoda.

That is just for us to be already be familiar with its location since our check in time is still in the afternoon. It is at the bottom of a hill, beside the roads of which both opposite directions are going uphill, and it is constructed horizontally at the side of that hill.

Some meters away on top of the hill is the SM City Baguio. This is where we take our breakfast. We rove around the market to see the fresh vegetables coming from different plantations in Benguet and nearby provinces. Although many stores are still close, we already happen to see a lot of things being sold inside this public market early in the morning.

The market is quite old but you can witness and the tradition of selling to earn a living is there. Vendors are so lively when calling the customers for them to buy their products.

Delivery boys are full of strength in carrying the baskets and sacks of vegetables on their shoulders. The crowd is not that big yet but you can hear the noise of money — trading in the market of Baguio City.

Baguio City Public Market Lourdes Grotto After about thirty minutes of exploring the market area, we then get a taxi which will take us to Lourdes Grotto. When we reach the place, right at the very entrance are the stairs painted in white. It was so stiff that you can see people climbing up and down the hill if not catching their breath, then slowly and cautiously walking in order to avoid accident and over fatigue.

This is a sacred place for many specifically for the millions of Catholics in the country. They are here to offer their prayers and devotion to the Our Lady of Lourdes.

It is believed that this religious site have healing properties, one of the reasons why people flocks here at almost any time of the year. Burnham Park At around nine, we head back to the city proper this time by riding the jeepney.

Reaction paper on a field trip in baguio

The fare is eight pesos per person and that was fair enough for me to see the two sides of the road on a typical day in a Baguio community. Well, it is just the same as what are seen there in Manila — stores, shops, hotels, terminals, and houses. You can hear that from inside the jeepney passengers and from people talking along the roads whenever the jeepney stops or slows down.

We then go to the Burnham Park and what welcomes us there are the colourful flowers and the calm water of the lagoon where boat riding and paddling is the number one attraction. If you look at any map of Baguio City, Burnham Park is always noticeable for this park is located at the heart of this city.We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

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Vaughan City Council has nine members: the mayor, three regional councillors, and five local councillors. The mayor, elected at large, is the head of Vaughan council and a representative on York Region three regional councillors are elected to represent Vaughan at both local and regional levels of .

Information: example of reaction paper about fieldtrip of baguio. Call Centers in Baguio. How to get to Sitel Baguio? 8 Comments baguio city, bus ride, call center, economic zone, sitel philippines, travel time.

Question: How to get to Sitel Baguio? Answer: Sitel Philippines has a satellite call center in Baguio city.

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