Psychosocial development case study assessment week

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Psychosocial development case study assessment week

He died of cancer 5 years ago. Now, at age 68, she has moved from her town, where she had lived all her life, to a smaller town to be closer to her two daughters, Lisa and Toni. Lisa, age 50, and Toni, in her mids. Both daughters each have a young child.

The grandchildren present Marie with physical problems and occasional stress, as a result of her age and physical condition. In fact, Marie underwent knee replacement surgery, yet is still mobile and able to socialize, though she prefers to be in her own home.

She does not prefer to take prescribed pain medications for knee problems unless she is in debilitating pain, as her daughter is addicted to pain medication for an injury she suffered on her job. Marie complains about possible future loss of her memory.

This analysis will examine these issues as they relate to later adulthood, and the integrity versus despair, and generativity versus stagnation stages of development, from my perspective as a future professional mental health counselor.

Later Adulthood New opportunities emerge for growth at each life stage Newman and Newman,p. Optimally, elderly people develop coping strategies for the changes that come with adapting to aging. The search for personal meaning in life happens when achievement and power give way to experimenting with new activities, roles and relationships.

While patterns of aging are not universal and vary greatly among the elderly, there is an intricate interrelationship between social, emotional, physical and intellectual mental development which, when recognized and nurtured, can help the elderly invent a new life structure for themselves that allows for a sense of belonging, satisfaction, and an openness to enthusiastically experience art, foods, and new ideas.

As a counselor, I would begin by helping her remember the successes she experienced in middle adulthood. Her goals of being a successful business owner who worked hard, and had good relationships with the people she encountered there were realized.

Many elderly people find new sources of enjoyment with family and perhaps new friends that they make. The freedom to develop new interests without having to go to work allows the possibility of spending perhaps more time with the family.

However, if Marie still wants to work, then she can still work by her own choice or volunteer at a place of her choosing, and work whenever is convenient to her new life Newman and Newman, and avoid the pitfall of isolation.

Widowhood As a widow, Marie, like all other widows, has an opportunity to learn to function in her household, as well as socially, without the presence of her husband Newman and Newman, She is lucky to be financially secure and not have the problems that can accompany lack of money.

I would help her begin to replace the comfort and security she experienced while with her husband by finding ways for her to function independently.

Yet, at the same time, Marie can be reminded that the death of her husband now gives her the opportunity to redefine herself, and to develop a new repertoire of behaviors that will help to strengthen her ego. Marie already has a ready-made support system now that she has moved and is living closer to her daughters and grandchildren.

I might inform Marie about the statistics that explain the various living arrangement decisions that are made by widows all over the world to best suit their personal needs.


Interstate migration among the elderly has increased since the mids U. They could help her decorate it in a way that is personal and satisfying to her.

Her grandchildren could help. Alternative, holistic and spiritual approaches are able to help clients perhaps to see their life from new perspectives, given their willingness and to receive such information. I am fully aware that there are those who might not be open to receiving such information.

From a Chinese Medicine point of view and American authors and alternative therapy healers like Louise L. Hay shared that not surrendering to the Will of God or the Universe when confronted with the opportunity to move forward with ease in life could leave a person feeling unsure and vulnerable.

Marie, in dealing with retirement and the death of her beloved husband, might be experiencing fears associated with moving forward in her life, and is resisting change that accompanies later adulthood.

Marie loves to read. Perhaps, informing her about books like Louise L. Carolyn Myss shared that when we create illnesses knee problems or injuries, etc.

The Stages of Psychosocial Development | Case Study Template

Working with her physical therapist while healing her emotional state can help Marie change her thoughts and her thinking about her life to more optimistic ones which can help her release repressed energies that are likely hindering her state of balance and well-being. Perhaps as Marie heals internal issues she will need less medication for knee pain.

When this happens, they, like Marie often try to suppress or inhibit unwanted memories from awareness. Although Marie is no longer married, counseling her family about her condition and helping them come up with ways to ease her comfort level when the grandchildren are in her presence will allow all of them to get along better.

Even Marie, as a grandmother, can learn a style of grandparenting that improves their relationship by increasing her interest level in being part of their lives Newman and Newman, Calling Marie into quality interactions with her family can also be a way to help alleviate her depression and generate a new sense of belonging, given her enhanced mental state of awareness about her life as an elderly woman.

Speed of processing, reaction- time, and short and long-term memory are all affected in later adulthood Newman and Newman, For this psychosocial development case study I have chosen three characters from the film.

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Psychosocial Development Case Study Assessment The Movie: “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” Your summary, at the end of the template, should provide a brief, focused review of the key insights in your assessment. Review the scoring guide given in the resources to make sure you understand how this assignment will be graded.

In Case Studies Erikson theory looks at the factors that impact personality development from childhood, such as society, external factors, and parents.

Psychosocial development case study assessment week

According to the theory, an individual goes through eight stages of development prior to reaching adulthood.

Psychosocial Development Case Study Analysis Darryl Albarado Survey of Research in Human Development for Professional Counselors The theory of psychosocial development created by Erik Erikson is perhaps one of the best known personality theories. End Case Study.

R is a year old female who was raised in a suburban town 15 miles southeast of Washington, D.C. She was fortunate enough to have two loving parents throughout her development, along with two siblings. A Case Study. Care for Caregivers. A psychosocial support model for.

Information gathering for this report occurred over a three-week period in March Department of International Health and Development. Electronic copies of this case study can be obtained on request via email to.

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