Political and social consequences of the protestant reformation

The Reformation The Reformation presents the historian with an acute instance of the general problem of scholarly interpretation—namely, whether events are shaped primarily by individuals or by the net of historical circumstances enmeshing them. The phenomenon that became the Protestant Reformation is unthinkable without the sense of mission and compelling personality of Martin Luther.

Political and social consequences of the protestant reformation

The political effects of The Protestant Reformation were quite gradual. They involved one item or country at a time. Luther tacked up his Thesis and the sale of indulgences ended. Henry seized the monasteries and set up a more modern welfare system.

Another effect was a series of wars. The religious wars ended in At that time the Pope lost all ability to interfere in the affairs of nations. He could no longer end a war or establish a boundary. The Pope would still control a secular state for over more years.

He would no longer have secular authority any where else. What is the Protestant Reformation?


There were many great men involved in the Protestant reformation. John Wycliffe is known as the "morning star of the reformation". And then we have: In the long run, however, the Reformation brought to England the political and religious turmoil that Henry had hoped to avoid.

What were the long-term political effects of the Protestant Reformation? The Reformation had enduring effects. Protestant churches flourished, despite religious wars and persecutions.

Because of the Reformation, religion no longer united Europe. This paved the way for modern nation-states. Therefore, through its political and social effects, the Reformation helped to set the stage for the modern world. What was the protest reformation? It was when Martin Luther decided to "reform" the Church.

Describe the events leading up to the Protestant Reformation that caused religion to co-exist with politics? Answering "Describe the events leading up to the Protestant Reformation that caused religion to co-exist with politics?

Roman Catholic Answer I would say that there were some outstanding, very long lasting effects that including the shattering of the unity of the Body of Christ, and the denial of the ordinary means of salvation to generations of people who have been raised in good faith.Among the most important turning points in the history of the Christian Church, the Reformation unleashed and intensified focus upon freedom of conscience, with dramatic social and political consequences.

The Protestant Reformation is one of the defining events of the last millennium. Nearly years after the Reformation, its causes and consequences have seen a renewed interest in the social sciences. Research in economics, sociology, and political science increasingly uses detailed individual.

Political and social consequences of the protestant reformation

- Reformation In the first half of the sixteenth century Western Europe experienced a wide range of social, artistic, political changes as the result of a conflict within the Catholic church. This conflict is called the Protestant Reformation, and the Catholic response to it is called the Counter-Reformation.

Social Effects of the Reformation. Both Reformations, both Protestant and Catholic affected print culture, education, popular rituals and culture, and the role of women in society. Even a new style of art, the Baroque, was a byproduct. Political and Social Consequences of the Protestant Reformation.

Political and social consequences of the protestant reformation

Essay by mdsabrina, High School, 10th grade, A+, February download word file, 2 pages download word file, 2 pages 0 votes. Main Themes: 1. Why do the ideas of the Protestant reformers reflect the ideas of the Christian humanists?

What were the long-term political and social effects of the Reformation on Europe? I. The Reformation was the outgrowth of past ideas: HUMANISTS. REFORMERS. Social Significance of the Reformation: A. Basic and lasting changes in.

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