Persuasive speech on soda

The major problem I see with this is deciding what your definition of healthier eating is. If I were doing this speech, I would start out by talking about the problems caused by the current ways in which Americans eat. If you are going to argue that it is important for us In my view, it is okay for you to do a persuasive speech on the need for Americans to eat in healthier ways.

Persuasive speech on soda

Why should I drink less soda? The calories from soda do not contain any additional nutrients, vitamins or minerals, that aid in body functions and health.

A healthy diet includes - 8 oz glasses of water daily. Empty Calories -- Also known as a discretionary calorie, an "empty calorie" has the same energy content as any other calorie but lacks many accompanying nutrients such as vitamins, dietary minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, or dietary fiber.

Although carbohydrates, fats and water are also nutrients, they are typically ignored for this analysis, with the exception of essential fatty acids.

In addition to contributing to weight gain, soda increases your risk of a variety of chronic diseases.

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If we start by switching one can of soda for water each day, it will help us lose 10 pounds. While these drinks have a variety of health benefits, it is helpful to lookout for the ones that are low in sugar.

Plus many beverages contain caffeine, which can have adverse effects as high doses. Many beverages provide great resources of antioxidants, nutrition and vitamins.It’s Time to Junk Junk Food! Tired, crabby, or unfocused in class?

It could be the food you are eating. The lack of team used to snack on chips and soda before practice. When some of us complained about This essay is an example of 7th grade advanced persuasive essay writing. The essay presents a clear position and does.

Tip - Persuasive Speech Outline Format and Outline Example. Persuasive Speech Outline Format Topic.

Persuasive speech on soda

Specific Purposes: A list of what you want to accomplish throughout your speech. (See Example) Proposition: a combination of your thesis statement and what action you want your audience to take. Attention Step: keeping the audience’s attention Need Step: convincing the audience that this is.

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Supporters of restrictions have persuasive arguments on their side. This article originally stated that soda and other sugar-sweetened drinks account for 58 percent of beverages purchased with.

Persuasive Speech On Soda. Speech 1 Preparation Outline Template Topic: Soda is bad for health Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience that soda is bad for one’s health. INTRODUCTION I. Open with Impact: Everyday, all day, we all make choices on what we eat and drink that affect our health.


Persuasive speech on soda

Persuasive Speech - Why not to drink soda Essay. Over the years soda has become a staple in our lives, and is unfortunately extremely toxic to our bodies - Persuasive Speech - Why not to drink soda Essay introduction.

Which is why we need to make he effort to limit the amount we drink and make ourselves aware of the risks we expose to our health when choosing to drink soda. PERSUASIVE SPEECH OUTLINE SAMPLE - MOTIVATED SEQUENCE PATTERN By Fui Oili (with modifications made by S. Pastor) TITLE: Vacation in Hawaii GENERAL PURPOSE: To persuade SPECIFIC PURPOSE (GOAL): To persuade my audience to choose to take a vacation to the neighbor islands before taking a vacation out of the .

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