Oedometer laboratory testing report essay

Digestive System Design Lab Purpose: The purpose of this lab is for students to see and understand the affect of temperature on a healthy brown rat's Rattus norvegicus digestive system. An example of a non-specialist laboratory would be a school science laboratory; the lab would have standard safety equipment such as safety goggles, protective clothing, aprons and gloves. The lab will only have equipment needed for a practical the students will be carrying out so the equipment they will use equipment such as Bunsen burner, test tubes, test tube racks, stands and clamps,

Oedometer laboratory testing report essay

The following equation was used: The voids ratio was then plotted against the vertical effective stress Appendix G on a log graph to produce a compression curve for the soil. The graph showed a clear relationship between voids ratio and effective stress, as compression increases, voids ratio decreases.

This can be explained as the reshuffling and rearranging of particles within the sample. Because soil particles will not deform unless under tremendous pressure, as the effective stress is increased, the soil particles move into the voids present in the sample.

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It is assumed that the soil is fully saturated, meaning as the soil particles fill the voids, water is displaced and consolidation takes place. Looking at the compression phase of the plot, there is a distinct change in the gradient.

The point where it changes is known as the pre-consolidation pressure, and indicates the highest effective stress that the soil has undergone prior to the current compression.

It marks the transition from the recompression line over consolidated soil to the virgin compression line normally consolidated soil. The pre-consolidation pressure for our soil was found using hand drawn construction lines shown on the graph in the appendix and was determined to be kPa.

The consolidation parameters for the soil were also determined from the slopes of the recompression and virgin compression line.

Oedometer Laboratory Testing Report | Essay Example

The compression index was 0. Considering that the typical values of the compression index of normally consolidated clay range from 0. The formula for constrained modulus is: Once again the data was plotted on a graph which is available, along with the calculations, in the appendix.

Oedometer laboratory testing report essay

There was a clear trend in the data for the loading phase of the investigation, as the effective stress increased, so did the stiffness. This is also clearly illustrated in the equation used to calculate the constrained modulus. For the fourth loading increment kPathe settlement was plotted against the square root of the time Appendix?

Oedometer laboratory testing report essay

The coefficient of consolidation was calculated using the following formula: Where d is the furthest distance to the drainage boundary, and tx was calculated by projecting a line from the linear part of the settlement curve, then finding the time at which it crosses the horizontal line representing the final settlement.

This method produced a value of Another formula used for calculating the coefficient of consolidation is: By equating these two calculations and substituting in all known values, a permeability value of Simply by looking at the equation above, you can deduce that permeability will not remain the same over each load increment.

It is clear that the permeability and constrained modulus have an inversely proportional relationship. As explained previously, as the effective stress increases stiffness is proportional the voids of the soil are filled by the soil particles.Page 1 of Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering CA Soil Mechanics Laboratory Report Experiment 6: Oedometer Test (1D Consolidation Test)5/5(1).

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Oedometer Laboratory Testing Report INTRODUCTION Long term settlement in clayey soils has posed a challenge to engineers for literally thousands of years. Predicting this settlement is not an easy task, but by analysing the soil on the proposed build site, engineers can get a better understanding of how the soil will react under compression.

Oedometer Laboratory Testing Report Essay Sample. INTRODUCTION. Long term settlement in clayey soils has posed a challenge to engineers for literally thousands of years.

Biology Laboratory Report Practical 4 Food tests Introduction The main components of food are proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and, of course, water. 1. 0 Introduction Long term colony in clayey dirts has posed a challenge to applied scientists for literally s of old ages.

Predicting this colony is non an easy undertaking. but by analyzing the dirt on the proposed physique site. applied scientists can acquire a better apprehension of how the dirt will respond under compaction.

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