Nursing coat of arm

It also serves to immobilize the elbow and upper arm.

Nursing coat of arm

Both companies are familiar with Penn Nursing shoe and uniform requirements and will be able to help you if you have questions. After each clinical, all students are required to wash their uniforms.

The University of Pennsylvania badge and student name should be visible. Dangling earrings and rings with raised stones are not acceptable. A thin, gold or silver chain necklace may be worn. Hair should be neat and combed, not falling in the face to impair vision or interfere with clinical activity.

In addition, students in clinical settings are not permitted to wear artificial nails, including acrylic nails, or facial piercing e. Clinical Supplies and Equipment Students should carry with them their own pens, notepaper, scissors, and stethoscope.

Stethoscopes may be purchased from any vendor. Students are also required to have a watch with a second hand. Only minimal cash or other valuables should be taken to an agency. These items should be carried on the person rather than in a coat pocket, unless locked storage space is provided by the agency.

Travel to Clinical Sites The School of Nursing utilizes a variety of clinical sites, some of which are at area hospitals such as HUP and CHOP, and some of which may require travel to the site via car or public transportation. Students are responsible for arranging their own transportation to and from the clinical site and for covering the cost of travel.

The only exceptions are for selected labor and delivery sites Nursing and home visits for Nursing in the Community Nursing Students may also use their personal cars for this transportation and get reimbursed at the end of the course for mileage driven at the rate specified by the Penn Travel Office.

Nursing coat of arm

Students are responsible for keeping an accurate log of all miles traveled. Falsifying travel mileage logs is grounds for a violation of the Code of Student Conduct.

When the University is closed for snow or weather emergencies, clinicals are cancelled. Malpractice Insurance Nursing students do not have to obtain malpractice insurance before entering the first clinical, as the University insurance policy covers them during all course-related clinical experiences.

Care of Patients with Infectious or Communicable Diseases Clinical learning experiences require students to be assigned to provide nursing care for patients with communicable and infectious diseases.

Students will be educated in the care of patients with communicable and infectious disease processes. They will learn how to protect themselves, other health care providers, patients, and their families from the transmission of the disease.


This fear must be resolved because the faculty believes that all patients have the right to nursing care. Feelings, attitudes, beliefs, and problems will be explored and discussed in the classroom and clinical settings.

Methods of problem resolution will assure that the quality of nursing care provided to these patients does not further isolate them from health care. If you experience a Body Fluid Exposure while on a clinical rotation, immediately: The goal is to be evaluated quickly so that you can be started on HIV post-exposure prophylaxis PEP promptly, if necessary.

If a student under your supervision experiences a BFE, Encourage the student to wash the area and report for immediate evaluation of the exposure.

We find that the complicated processes surrounding source patient testing sometimes cause unnecessary anxiety in students. Your help in obtaining prompt source patient testing will be an invaluable service to your student. Arrange to get the results to the student as quickly as possible. The clinical instructor is to inform the Office of Student Information compliance nursing.

Notification should occur as soon as possible. Depending on the program and setting, it can be an intern, attending physician, primary care unit group leader, clinical instructor, preceptor, etc. Safe Conduct in Making Home Visits Home visiting, as part of community health nursing care to patients in their own home, is an integral part of the curriculum of the School of Nursing.

Current trends in health care provision reflect increased delivery of services outside the hospital. Students derive significant benefit from making home visits: Both the School and the students have important roles in providing safe experiences for nursing students in making home visits in the Philadelphia and surrounding areas.

Role of the School The School of Nursing will provide an orientation to home visiting prior to the first student home visiting experience.

During the community health nursing course, students will participate in an extended orientation to their particular service neighborhood in order to familiarize them with that area and its resources.The armorial bearings consist of a coat of arms, a badge and a flag.

The coat of arms and flag Arms: Above a lamp, the most widely recognized symbol of nursing since Florence Nightingale’s service in the Crimea, three triangles symbolize the founding communities of First Nations/Inuit, francophones and anglophones.

Transcript of Nursing Coat of Arms. Compassion (Bad Nurse) Good Nurse Bloopers! Enjoy Caring (Bad Nurse) Respectfulness (Bad Nurse) Good Nurse Good Nurse Thank you for Watching Everyone! Nursing Coat of Arm Ann Chiem Timothy Fan Sana Khan Saba Rahimi Ryan Wong.

Full transcript. More presentations by Sana Khan Multiple Sclerosis. Copy of. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the qualities chosen in our group's Coat of Arms assignment and why these qualities represent Nursing.

Knowledge, communication, critical thinking, caring, advocacy, and leadership are the qualities being chosen in the Coat of Arms assignment. Nursing Coat Of Arms Circle Coat of Arms Lighthouse Island Rocks Angel Lamp Griffin Book Proudly independent Solitary Profession Stable Reliable Not easily pursuaded, enticed, or deviated from principles or standards.

Coat of Arms Coat of arms is a collection of symbols that indicates the trait of a family, profession etc. In nursing, the coat of arms is intended to capture the key qualities of what nursing profession means.

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