Grave of the fireflies movie review

Development[ edit ] Grave of the Fireflies author Akiyuki Nosaka said that many offers had been made to create a film version of Grave of the Fireflies. Nosaka expressed surprise when an animated version was offered. Takahata argued that he wanted to dispel this mindset. Whenever black was used, it was only used when it was absolutely necessary.

Grave of the fireflies movie review

Lupercali 4 September Warning: Spoilers When I watched this movie, I steeled myself for a traumatic experience, based on every review I'd ever read of it, which usually include phrases like "don't watch this if you're suicidal.

Certainly it was sad, and arguably depressing, but I've read this movie compared with 'Saving Private Ryan'. It simply tells a story: Why would a story like this need such heavy-handed tactics? I've also read it argued that the movie is robbed of any suspense or impact when it's revealed in the opening scene that the main characters are dead.

I have a quite different view of that device. This is such a non-linear plot development that you could fail to notice it, and thereby only see the movie's gloom. The moment where the ghostly Seita takes the ghostly Setsuko's hand and nods to her is not only a happy moment, it signifies that the suffering - which is yet to come, as far as the viewer is concerned - is over, and they are together again albeit still without parents.

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As for a character revealing that he is dead in the first line of the movie, this is a device which has been used in centuries if not Milena. It tells a story whose ultimate conclusion you already know a legitimate narrative approachand everything which happens during that story is emotionally infused with a foreknowledge of its ending.

You find yourself hoping that things will go right now for Setsuko and Seita, and then the knowledge that ultimately it won't undercuts you with real emotional power. You know the characters are going to die, but you hope things won't be so bad in the meantime.

It doesn't take much of an effort to make that an analogy for our own lives, which makes us all fireflies. Perhaps what might make someone feel disappointed or cheated by this film is simply that it's so damn honest.

It doesn't even really try to ram an anti-war message down your throat there is very little overt violence, and if there are some scenes of corpses and suffering, it's never gratuitous, and it's over quickly. Compare this with 'Private Ryan', where you have to suffer through 40 minutes of the most horrific blood and guts, only to reach a conclusion which, after much blood and thunder, signifies very little.

This is what really surprised me about it.

Grave of the fireflies movie review

Probably two thirds of the movie takes place in gorgeously drawn, tranquil rural or urban settings, with an almost pleasant dreamlike quality - even when the American bombers are flying overhead at one point there is a surreal, almost serene sense to it - and there are plenty of moments of happiness to offset the undeniably sadness and frustration of other scenes.

I'm so sick of seeing preternaturally smart, sassy, sophisticated and precocious children in Hollywood movies. Similarly, Seita is a teenage boy who behaves with the sort of mixture of pride, compassion and hubris which you'd expect of someone his age. He still believes that Japan will win the war he thinks it's up to him to take care of his sister with their mother gone and father who knows where.

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This leads him to make mistakes: You would probably have to say his decision not to even try - to go it alone instead, was a very bad one, but - hello, people - here is a character who makes mistakes because he's actually human: Of course, his aunt may well have knocked them back anyway.

Don't go into the film expecting tension, drama or even a tirade against war.Read More:Studio Ghibli Has Officially Reopened for Production on Hayao Miyazaki’s New Movie “Grave of the Fireflies” remains his best-known and most respected work, often appearing high on.

Feb 12,  · Melancholy message is about civilians -- especially orphaned children -- being the most helpless and overlooked victims in the chaos of wartime, and the way the two in the story manage to construct a fragile, two-person society all by themselves, out of sibling love, sharing, and innocence.4/4.

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Dedicated to reviews, as well as information, humor and discussion on Japanese animation. Grave of the Fireflies – review 5 / 5 stars 5 out of 5 stars. It's a war story as wrenching as any live-action movie, and it has reduced many a viewer to tears – this one included. Based.

Grave of the Fireflies The film review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes reported a 97% approval rating based on 36 reviews with an average rating of / Japanese cruiser Maya – According to the movie, the children's father was a captain in the Imperial Japanese Navy.

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