Good thesis statement corporal punishment

Dunedin Abstract Long considered an effective, and even necessary, means of socialising children, physical punishment has been revealed to be a predictor of a wide range of negative developmental outcomes. The extent of agreement in the research literature on this issue is unusual in the social sciences. Physical punishment is associated with increased child aggression, antisocial behaviour, lower intellectual achievement, poorer quality of parent—child relationships, mental health problems such as depressionand diminished moral internalisation. The evidence about whether physical punishment results in short-term compliance is mixed, with some studies showing effectiveness in achieving this and others not.

Good thesis statement corporal punishment

Capital punishment proves ineffective as an instrument of deterring violent crime on political, ethical and theological grounds. The American public has long been supportive of capital punishment for convicted murderers, and that support continues to grow even today.

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In a Gallup Poll conducted intwo in three Americans expressed overall approval for the death penalty. That support rose to three in four people inand to four out of five in Although these polls need to be interpreted with careful attention, it is obvious that there are few issues on which more Americans agree: In other words, even if capital punishment is helpful as a deterrent of violent crime, it cannot justify the execution of a few innocent victims alongside the guilty ones.

For example, Clive Stafford Smith, a renowned expert on ethical aspects of law makes some valid observations in his research article for the New Scientist: I do not think of my clients as statistics.

Six of them have died in the execution chamber. Often I have staved off executions only at the last minute.

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Many of my clients have been innocent: I therefore feel strongly that when academics step out of the classroom and into public discourse on this matter they must be held responsible for their actions. First of all, a mathematical approach to solving human fallacies is inappropriate.

Of the thousands of studies published on the subject over the last decade or so, most of the evidence in support of capital punishment was taken from research findings taken many years back. Also, the findings were carried out by politically conservative organizations like the Brookings Institute, etc.

The United States is presently the leading country in the industrialized world with the greatest following of Christianity in general and Catholicism in particular. Given that nearly one in four Americans are Catholic, the views of the Church on matters of capital punishment need to be given importance.

Studies of Catholic priests and parishioners in the United States support this supposition. For example, a study of priests and pastors came to the conclusion that the church authorities are unanimously against the concept of death penalty.

In contrast to most other religions, the Catholic faith emphasizes doctrine and tradition over individual conscience on matters of faith and morals.

Although many Catholics ignore church doctrine on issues such as divorce, the views of at least some Catholics may be influenced by church teaching. To the extent this is true, one would expect a convergence of opinion between clergy and certain congregants on religious issues that have political implications.

So, the death penalty debate is played out on the political and personal-values domains. In any sound democracy, personal values should translate into public policies.Death Penalty Essay Introduction Sample 1 –Death penalty, as you already know, is the infliction of lawful death on a convicted person.

The controversy surrounding the death penalty has not ebbed since the recorded history of man and, perhaps, even before that. Agreement or Disagreement on the act of Spanking Introduction The thesis statement of this research paper is that the parental response to their children should always be spanking rather than verbal disciplinary measures, because spanking can have various positive effects on the behavior of the child.

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Good thesis statement corporal punishment

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Good thesis statement corporal punishment

Nov 08,  · I Need a Thesis Statement for My Argumentative Research Essay on Corporal Punishment? More questions. How would one go about writing a good thesis statement for a research essay? Could anyone help with a thesis statement for my research essay??

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