George washington and benjamin franklin essay

February 22, in Westmoreland County, Virginia Died:

George washington and benjamin franklin essay

Since we are not a nation in any traditional sense of the term, in order to establish our nationhood, we have to reaffirm and reinforce periodically the values of the men who declared independence from Great Britain and framed the Constitution.

As long as the Republic endures, in other words, Americans are destined to look back to its founding. What Made the Founders Different 1 From the earliest days of the independent United States, Americans have looked back to its founding—to honor it and to define it for posterity.

During the Revolution, countless addresses, sermons, and parades commemorated the Battle of Lexington and Concord, the signing of the Declaration of Independence, and other events of the nation's founding.

As the contributions of the uniquely civic-minded men who formed the nation became widely known—and held in due awe—the nation began to commemorate its founders. We conclude this section, and this primary source collection, by looking at the earliest portrayals of the Founders, from the end of the Revolutionary War to the first years under the U.

How have the portrayal and commemoration of the Founders evolved over the centuries to our day? Portraits 11 of the Founders in a transitional eraearly s. The familiar portraits of the Founders do not include the likenesses above, painted as the nation floundered under the Articles of Confederation and began anew under the Constitution.

The famous and oft-produced portraits come from later, more confident years when Founders served as the first five presidents—Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison, and Monroe—and as cabinet members, such as Alexander Hamilton. Only Franklin's portrait from portrays the iconic image Americans hold of the oldest Founding Father, who died in at age Presented in this collection are eleven portraits fromwhen the Revolutionary War was still unwon, to the early s, when the nation began to solidify under Washington's presidency.

Six of the portraits were painted by the renowned Charles Willson Peale himself a Revolutionary War veteranmany for the portrait gallery of Revolutionary heroes in his Philadelphia museum—portraits composed to embody the virtue and resolve that had created the new nation and to serve as inspiration to its citizens.

Commentary on the death of Benjamin Franklin Benjamin Franklin's death on April 17,was the nation's first loss of a Founding Father. In failing health and unremitting pain for several years, Franklin had given his last service to his country as a delegate to the Constitutional Convention.

Constitution, longtime representative to Britain and France, a skillful negotiator of the peace treaty finalizing American independence, Franklin was buried in the Philadelphia Christ Church Burial Ground, next to his wife Deborah and near his son Folger who had died of smallpox as a child.

Presented here are reports and tributes delivered in the two months after his death. What did they emphasize about Franklin as a man, a citizen, a pursuer of knowledge, and as a Founder of his country?

George washington and benjamin franklin essay

To what extent did they set a precedent for mourning the nation's Founders? Discussion Questions Overall, how were the Founders represented in the transitional period from to the early s? How does each portrait exhibit the purpose for which it was painted?


What is conveyed through pose, gaze, expression, demeanor, and costume? In its first decades, how did the nation envision itself through the depiction of its revered Founders? How do these portraits differ from later, more well-known portraits of the men, especially the presidential portraits of Washington, Adams, Jefferson, and Madison?

Which painting is most effective for you, as a viewer?However, the essay, drawn in india ink and pencil, showed that Jackson had been replaced by Benjamin Franklin, the first postmaster general appointed under the Continental Congress.

The replacement was explained in a letter of March 20, , written by the printer to the assistant postmaster general.

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Lund Washington, George Washington’s distant cousin and estate manager, first thought to resist this ultimatum per his master’s instruction, but later agreed to provide sheep, hogs, and “an abundant supply of other articles” to the Savage, partially in an attempt to win back the escaped slaves.

Martha Washington had two young children from her first marriage, Martha and John. She had no children with George Washington.

George washington and benjamin franklin essay

Washington thought it his duty as a stepfather to be "generous and attentive," and expensive orders to London merchants during the childhoods of "Jacky" and "Patsy" reveal doting, caring parents.

General Washington lived and worked with brilliant philosophers, thinkers, writers and organizers, such as Benjamin Franklin, Sam Adams, Patrick Henry, Alexander Hamilton and Dickinson. Almost all were far better educated than him and he acquired sound knowledge by associating them.

Dec 06,  · Benjamin Franklin wrote "Fart Proudly", a scienti?c essay about farts.

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5. Benjamin Franklin published a paper saying America's population growth was so . Jul 07,  · Benjamin Franklin was the American icon after whom the remaining room was named. His efforts in what is known today as covert action were wide-ranging and usually successful.

During the Revolutionary War period, Franklin engaged in propaganda operations and agent-of-influence activities and directed paramilitary operations against.

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