Essays on population control efforts

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Essays on population control efforts

August 16, By Kaitlin Stack-Whitney The Disney movie Bambi follows the story of one white-tailed deer, from his birth through the birth of his offspring.

An iconic film credited with changing public conversation in the United States about hunting, much has been written about the influence of Bambi on nature films and animal rights. White-tailed deer are one of the most beloved and despised wildlife species in the US.

Populations have been closely monitored and managed since beforewhen they were nearly extirpated. Yet bythey were so populous as to be considered pests that threatened the economy and public health. They were blamed for millions of dollars in lost yield from crops and native plants, implicated in the rise of Lyme disease, and involved in over a million automobile accidents annually.

The management paradigm thus focused on reducing populations. Though previously regulated mainly through hunting, post-Bambi control revolved around tracking and controlling female deer.

While these controls have had some success, deer continue to be a nuisance. But re-evaluation of wildlife biology through the lens of feminist biology could make the control of this species more effective.

Feminist biology is a way of practicing science to help understand and parse social constructs that scientists may be projecting onto their subjects.

In an interview, Dr.

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Caroline Van Sickle, an assistant professor of biological anthropology at A. Understanding and reflecting on bias can bring awareness throughout the experimental process.

Anne Hilborn when I asked how the concept might apply to her research. Research by David M. Marsh and Teresa J. Hanlon finds that scientists attribute differences in animal behavior differently based on their sex, or on their already-held views on sex differences in humans.

Other scholars have explored whether scientists ignore observations that run counter to human gender norms. The case of reproductive control of deer shows how scientists may project these biases and how feminist biology provides an opportunity to intervene in these practices.

Wildlife biologists and deer managers needed new and different kinds of information in order to support this non-lethal management paradigm. Biologists and managers now needed to understand deer reproduction in order to control it. Those efforts focus on female white-tailed deer.

One example is the development of vaginal implant transmitters VIT. Researchers developed VITs to track pregnant deer remotely and to show where and when their young are born. The design was adapted from hormonal implants used in livestock to increase fertility. If the temperature drops, the radio signal changes.

They are often paired with GPS collars; when a fawn is born, researchers are alerted to the time and place of the birth. The device is expelled with the fawn. VITs enable rich data collection while minimizing logistical difficulties and stress on subjects. Yet VITs are not harmless.

Essays on population control efforts

Garrott and Richard M. Of 10 pregnant deer, two suffered severe vulvar trauma from the procedure and another three died from severe diarrhea. None of the fawns were recovered. A follow-up study by Jacob L. Bowman and Harry A. Jacobson using 16 white-tailed deer had better success.

Subsequent studies refined the placement, housing, and success rate of locating VITs. But even after decades of tweaking, the process of placing VITs is not for the faint of heart.

A feminist biology approach to white-tailed deer management asks researchers to consider how the predominantly male gaze of the scientific establishment, the biases of researchers of all sexes and genders developed through cultural interactions with subjects like Bambi and his mom and how it impacts the lens through which they perform scientific research.

VITs are just one technology in a broad suite of reproductive control methods focused solely on female deer. Wildlife biologists have attempted to modify techniques and technologies used in female humans for deer, ranging from daily oral contraceptives to steroid subcutaneous implants to immunocontraceptives.

Progesterone and estrogen hormonal contraceptives have been tested on white-tailed deer sinceand porcine zona pellucida, a long-term immunocontraception vaccine, has also been experimentally used.

Local municipalities with overabundant deer have tried tubal ligation and surgically removing ovaries, techniques that cost tens of thousands of dollars per subject. The case of tubal ligations shows that the primary focus on female deer might be hindering larger control efforts.Celebrated essays on population has been a p30 grant from a.

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Population control and economic development go hand in hand. There is an urgent need to step up our efforts for checking population growth by removing female illiteracy in a short time span and by involving panchayats and other grass root organisations.

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Essays on population control efforts

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